2020 release: footscan & Phits updates!

This month and in July, footscan released a new version of their gait analysis software. We present you a short selection of the most relevant updates. If you have any questions, please contact


Low heel cup and the options

A first new featured correction is the low heel cup. This is a great feature, further completing our software offering.  The main advantages of the low heel cup are:

  • Less correction and support of the heel when this is not required
  • Less material needed, so this insole might be of good solution for classy or stylish shoes

This is an overview of the possible types and corrections available in the Phits wizard

Forefoot corrections

We are really delighted to complete our forefoot corrections offering with this year’s release. So far, we could offer meta bar, meta 1, meta 1-2 and meta pads corrections. Now we extend our forefoot corrections with:

  • Meta 2-4
  • Meta 2-5 (Reverse Monton’s extension)

All forefoot corrections are available in a flexible and stiff version and can vary in height from 2 to 4 mm.


Meta 2-4

This correction increases the central forefoot support. By doing so, meta 1 and 5 can drop and get more space to move.


Meta 2-5

Meta 2-5 forefoot correction is very useful for functional hallux limitus, plantar flexed first ray and possibly sesamoiditis. By increasing the support of meta 2 to 5, meta 1 can drop and thus gets a greater range of motion. This correction reduces the ground reaction force on the first meta and the big toe.


Updates at Phits and footscan

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