4 reasons why insoles will keep you longer on your feet

4 reasons why insoles will keep you longer on your feet

Regular exercise is crucial to keep your feet healthy, but sometimes, exercises alone are not sufficient to improve your mobility. Finding the right footwear is essential to offer full protection of your feet. But even the right shoes may not offer the accurate solution for your feet and your posture. Your shoes can subject your feet to a lot of pressure and shock. A combination of the right shoes and a pair of custom insoles may provide a better solution, offering enhanced comfort and quality protection to your feet. They enhance general health of your feet, make your walking comfortable and enable you to carry out your daily duties problem free. Here are four reasons as to why shoe insoles can be a true life hack:


Reason 1: Insoles extend the lifespan of your shoes

A well designed and well manufactured pair of insoles is made of the finest materials for longevity and durability purposes. Because they will correct your gait, your shoes will last longer. When you have oversupination in your heel (your outer heel absorbs too much of the ground impact in the first contact), your shoes will wear out fast. A good pair of insoles corrects your gait and will distribute the impact of your stride evenly over a much larger part of the outsole of your shoe which results in your shoes lasting a lot longer. 


Reason 2: Insoles increase comfort in your everyday life

A well designed and well manufactured pair of insoles is also made of high quality materials to offer quality support, more cushioning and enhanced comfort. They are designed to help to minimize shock on the feet. With new production technologies like 3D printing, they can guide the roll-off in very specific zones under the foot. This will help you to keep your feet in good shape. With sufficient protection and enhanced comfort, you will also enhance general health of your feet when wearing your insoles. You only need to make sure your feet are examined properly upfront. With a dynamic gait analysis with a footscan® a foot expert should be able to provide you a good solution.


Reason 3: Insoles prevent of foot disorders: have your feet analyzed regularly

Shoe insoles are made of high quality materials and you can always settle for inserts that fit your lifestyle. If you want to maintain an active lifestyle, the alignment of your feet and your body is crucial. Seeing a foot expert for a dynamic footscan pressure measurement on a regular basis, will help you to detect warnings of a deteriorating gait in the early stages. An exercise program, the right shoe advice or a pair of insoles may be the right solution - in any case, your foot expert will be able to consult you properly, helping you to maintain an active lifestyle in the future.   


Reason 4: Insoles correct existing foot disorders

Shoe insoles are not only preventive solutions. They are also used in treatment of a wide range of foot conditions including plantar faciitis, toe pain, knee pain, corns, metatarsalgia, Achilles heel pain, bunions and neuroma among other conditions. Always talk to your doctor or foot expert if you think there is a need for insoles to correct foot disorders. When your foot expert can execute a clinical analysis including a dynamic gait scan, he or she is able to advise you which 3D printed insoles matches your needs the best.


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