75% of time is dedicated to patient relationship time. Only 25% needed for insoles design.

The Phits Insoles team regularly visits footcare professionals in its global Phits Experts network.  At these meetup moments, the Phits Expert give us vital information and feedback about their needs and markets.  In this way the Phits Insoles team:

  • Is able to get product improvement suggestions from first hand
  • Gathers key intelligence about the local markets and a feeling of the needs in the field
  • Gets a clear view on how the Phits Experts meet their customer expectations and how they work on customer experience

Pia Kristensen

One of these visits led us to Denmark where we met with Pia Kristensen for an interview.  Tom Peeters, the Phits Insoles Brand Manager, talked with her about Patient Experience and Patient Satisfaction.


  • Podiatrist for 15 years
  • Activity in clinical environment and diabetic care center
  • Denmark’s first Phits Expert, joined the network in 2016

Before we talk about the experience you can give your patients with Phits, what is the overall satisfaction you feel with your patients about Phits Insoles you provided them?

My patients are very happy and satisfied with their Phits insoles.  The Phits Insoles are much lighter than traditional insoles. They easily fit into almost every shoe.  Compared to an ordinary EVA-insole, this is the key advantage according to me and also according to my patients.

So the Phits insole is very flexible to fit into almost every shoe.  How flexible is the complete design system to fit into your daily work and practice?

The lovely thing about the Phits Insoles design system, is that you are in the driver’s seat, being the expert.  You are completely in command on what you order and what is delivered.  The design per patient is logged into the design system. And I can use this information to help the patient during next visits.  The Phits Insoles design system offers me a very high ease-of-use level.

I also love the all-in-one, end-to-end design of the system.  The Phits Insoles design software is directly connected to the gait analysis data I get from footscan and integrated in the same software.  These analysis and design tools help me to go through the ordering and check-out procedure step by step. During the procedure I can always go one step back, adapt the thing I want and move forward.

Finally, what attracts me the most to the Phits Insoles design system is:   ‘What you see is what you order’!  If you set the teardrop at 2 mm, the teardrop is 2 mm. And stays 2 mm even after a long period of time.

Patient’s satisfaction on Phits Insoles is very high.  How can the Phits Insoles design system help you to improve your patient’s experience?

Since I started using the Phits Insoles design system, I only need 25% of the patients’ visit time to design the insoles.  The rest of the time I can spend on listening to the patients, hear about their concerns and answer their questions. I have more time to spend with my patients.  Of course this has a positive effect on the overall patient experience.

With Phits Insoles the patient is also sure he or she will have an insole for years.  This means my patients do not need to return after a certain period of time, unless there is a problem of course.  The Phits Insoles are light and extremely shape-retaining. With the Phits Insoles you offer your patient a long term solution and they appreciate it.  For me this means I definitely can help more patients.

Because my vision?  I want to keep every foot stabilized.  At any time. For every step.