Allison Russell

Head Athletic Trainer - Dallas Wings Basketball (WNBA)

As an Athletic Trainer, finding good Custom Insoles for the people I work with has been an ongoing challenge.

We started using Materialise Phits Insoles last season and the occurrences of injuries in the lower body due to chronic stress, overuse and improper foot motion have noticeably decreased. Our athletes make their living playing at the highest level of basketball year-round, all over the world, so efficient movement and proper mechanics is imperative. Materialise Phits Insoles are a highly effective way to ensure athletes maintain correct alignment throughout the day, both on and off the court. This helps accelerate rehabilitation, prevent injury, as well as, improve performance and recovery.

I’ve sent athletes to numerous other companies for ‘custom’ insoles, purchased a variety of both professionally sold and drugstore brand models.  It has been difficult to find a product that addresses the athlete’s needs, lasts through more than a few weeks of in-season training, is comfortable and actually fits in a shoe is incredibly rare. Materialise Phits Insoles addresses all of these issues and they’re extremely affordable.

The scanning process takes just a few minutes and the information is saved in the cloud so if you want to order multiple pairs or adjust anything, it’s so simple. We had our team scanned and the insoles arrived within about a week. Customer service is always top notch and we have not had to replace even 1 pair due to quality or durability for any of our athletes since we started using Materialise Phits Insoles.  I would recommend Materialise Phits Insoles for anyone, whether you are a high end athlete or weekend warrior.