Back on their feet: how the Danish podiatrists pick up their professional activity after the lockdown.

video consultations, disinfecting gels and no cash payments

Denmark was one of the first European countries to come out of a government lockdown and that’s some good news for the Phits Experts across the Scandinavian country! Although they are back in business, it’s not at all business as usual. We had the chance to talk with Phits Expert and trainer Pia Kristensen on the measures she applies in her practice to keep herself and her patients clean.

Pia now performs the first consultation and intake interview over the phone or with a video call. “This allows me to already form an idea of the patient’s problem. In normal circumstances, we would do this in our clinic, but we have to keep the visit to the clinic as short as possible.”

Then Pia and her patients schedule a physical appointment for further examination. “Nobody can show up without an appointment. I give them a last phone call one day prior to the appointment to check if they don’t show any covid-19 symptoms and ask them to stay at home if they do so.”

“When the patient arrives, my front door shows posters about both the covid-19 symptoms and general behavioral guidelines and they are asked to wash and disinfect their hands at arrival. Disinfection hand gels are available in all rooms.”

“After these procedures, I can perform the footscan, combined with a quick talk and a few questions for the patient. The patient has to keep the social distance during the consultation, except of course when I’m examining or treating the feet – wearing gloves is nothing new to me, it’s not a change for me. We can keep the consultation down to 25 minutes. If the patient has any additional questions, these are adressed on the phone or with a video call. If I have to work closely with the patient I apply a face mask and a protective face shield. Pia has one final advice for her patients: “I’d rather not accept cash payments and strongly ask patients to pay by credit card, mobile payment or wire transfer.”

“In total, a patient consultation takes more time than before and I plan less consultations to make sure I can properly clean my clinic in between consultations and at the same time reduce the number of people in my waiting room – I removed all magazines from the waiting room and people have to respect the social distancing rules.”

In between the consultations, Pia also cleans the clinic, but that doesn’t make a big difference as compared with a few months ago: “cleaning and hygiene are done as I usually do – as a podiatrist, we already had the habit of disinfecting our tools and infrastructure long before corona, however there some small extras like disinfecting the door handles after each patient and my footscan definitely gets a thorough clean up with disinfected before and after every single use.”