Facts and myths revealed about barefoot walking

Facts and myths revealed about barefoot walking

When summer kicks in people kick off their shoes to walk in the grass. It can feel freeing to walk without cumbersome materials encasing your feet. A common question people ask is if barefoot walking is safe and just how to go about without injury. 

Why do people believe that barefoot walking is healthy?

It is a common belief that barefoot walking is the best option for foot health. The main reason people feel this way is they believe that shoes can cause more foot problems, whereas barefoot walking will help prevent those problems. Some people compare our foot health to ancient cultures or cultures that still do not utilize shoes when walking. It is believed to promote health in your entire body, help you stay connected mentally and keep you connected spiritually. However, science has yet to prove that this happens. In fact, science shows us how shoes are better for our feet.

Is barefoot walking safe for your feet?

While barefoot walking will not be too detrimental to your feet, there are risks, no matter what. You can easily step on sharp objects and causing injury. In addition, if you walk outdoors without shoes, you will be more exposed to bacteria on the ground, which can also cause foot conditions. Another point that many foot experts make is that our bodies are not made perfectly, which means our alignment might be off without shoes. We need to wear shoes to protect our feet and help our body stay healthy and lined up correctly. The best way to do so is to wear good shoes, if necessary with personalised insoles.

Why should you wear shoes?

You will be able to keep your body healthy and happy when wearing shoes. One of the main reasons someone can develop a foot problem with shoes is because they do not choose shoes that fit well or have good support. Once you find the right shoes for your feet and body type, you are well on your way to a healthy, pain-free life.


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