GO 4-D is the new North American Phits distribution partner

Over the last few months, RS Print has been working hard on its strategy for North America and it is with great pride that we announce completion of this transition.

RS Print and GO 4-D team up to grow Phits in North America

Paul Sysmans, RS Print's General Manager: "our optimized North America strategy is based on three pillars for successful growth, two of which were implemented in past months already."

In a first phase we moved our US production and logistics facilities to Superfeet’s HQ in Ferndale, WA. Superfeet’s subsidiary Flowbuilt has recently started to assemble the North American Phits orthotics, this way optimizing the delivery time for your Phits product.

In the second and more recent phase, we have started printing the Phits 3D base with HP’s multijet fusion technology. The transition to Flowbuilt for both 3D printing and assembly was necessary to cope with the market needs and with RS Print’s strong growth ambition in North America. RS Print is very confident that partnering with Superfeet and Flowbuilt will have a huge and sustainable impact on turnaround times and product consistency.”

Covid-19 accelerated the decision on the third and final phase of the RS Print strategy change: the reorganization of the RS Print USA sales and support services. Sysmans: “we are thrilled to announce that as from June 1, RS Print will partner with the Canadian company GO 4-D to support our North American agents and customers even better.”

Why GO 4-D?

Founded in 2018 by Paul Linton (CEO) and Chris Patten (COO) who have been working in the orthotics business for nearly twenty years, Ontario based GO 4-D built a strong track record in orthotics industry and in the entire region North America. GO 4-D has been distributing RS Print’s products under their private label in the US and Canada since 2018. Both brands will be leveraged soon through co-branding. Tying the strong Phits product and brand to the also well-known GO 4-D sales success creates a very powerful image and a transparent identity to stimulate further growth.

Paul Sysmans is delighted about the partnership with GO 4-D: “over the last two years, GO 4-D proved to be able to strongly grow the installed base and considerably increase their customers’ volumes. The fact that they have a very good working relationship with our investor and manufacturer Superfeet and Flowbuilt was also very important to us.”

RS Print and GO 4-D are also very complementary in terms of geographical presence and in market segmentation in North America. “We are very much looking forward to service the complete Phits Expert network of both our existing GO 4-D customers as well as the RS Print US customers. We also expect to expand our installed base significantly and we plan to hire more resources by the end of 2020 to support the Phits Expert network even better,” says Paul Linton.  

With your support to our strategic decision and with your continued commitment to Phits, our company will be able to invest even more in your and our future.

Wishing you a great partnership with GO 4-D and a strong recovery from the crisis that has hit all of us.


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