My patients just seem happier with these 3D printed devices

Vimal A. Reddy, a DPM in Jacksonville, Florida, is a certified Phits Expert since early 2017 and has helped hundreds of his patients back on their feet with Phits. What are his thoughts on digitalizing the scanning process and on 3D printing as a manufacturing technology?

“Orthotics have been around for a long time and there was very little evolution in terms of manufacturing technologies, in terms of how they’re made until now. Now you have devices, 3D printed, that are extremely light, one of the characteristics that patients love about them. They’re very light yet at the same time they can provide the same control that the traditional orthotics could provide. So now you have a device that you can put in many more shoes which results in more patient compliance and that is a huge advantage.

There’s more to Phits than only 3D printing. Number one is the footscan technology itself, the fact that it’s electronic, it’s digital. I really like that. The ease of scanning someone, the ease of designing the actual orthotic and the fact that you’re on the cutting edge of technology. Patients appreciate that you are always on the forefront of what’s coming up next. The material used for the 3D printing process, makes the device a lot lighter and a lot more user-friendly.

There’s added value in the fact that you can educate the patient and they can see exactly what you’re thinking on a level where they couldn’t see before. In the past, it was hard to explain it to the patient, to connect with the patient. Here you can connect more effectively and kind of explain to them what is going on in the process and why and how you’re making them and I think that’s highly valuable.

I think that’s a huge benefit for the patient that we can have them do a gait analysis to identify how they’re walking and that we can correct it digitally and go over the corrections with them to tell them exactly what’s going on.

Feedback has been excellent, patients really love their orthotics more than ever. And especially patients that have had the traditional orthotics in the past. When they get these new orthotics they’re euphoric about how light they are and how easily they can get them in their shoes. They just seem happier with these 3D printed devices.”

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Dr. Vimal Reddy, DPM - First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida