New life with custom fitted insoles

Ragnhild is thrilled with her new insoles!

Birken run veteran Ragnhild Bolstad (52) is more active than most – and always has been.  Her high arches, however, gave her serious problems, and nearly put a stop to all physical activity. Then she was offered 3D printed Phits insoles…

Ragnhild has participated in sports all her life, and now after 67 Birken awards, she is considered a veteran athlete.  
"I’ve always been active, and couldn’t imagine a life without the use of my feet", she says with a smile, sitting in her office at the Rena Sports Stadium where she works as the general manager.

Unable to walk
This energetic woman looks great for her age and is in better shape than most, but when she ran the Birken two years ago, everything came to a halt: "I’ve always struggled with extremely high arches, she says. – This means extra pressure on my heels and toes, leading to stiff toe joints and excessive wear and tear on my heel cushions. After the Birken run, I was in a lot of pain, and my heels were nearly destroyed. And heels can’t be repaired!"


This is what Ragnhild’s heels looked like after the Birken run.

Ragnhild was distressed about her inability to run or walk. She limped about on crutches, and her frustration grew.  
"I tried to compensate with cycling, she says, - but it’s not the same. It is crucial for me that my feet work!  

Insoles were the answer
"I already knew about Jan Frenningsmoen at OnFeet. He had helped me with this type of problem earlier, through foot care. He told me about some new equipment based on entirely new technology from Belgium that he wanted me to try out. I immediately agreed!"

After a simple, but comprehensive analysis of Ragnhild’s feet, production began on 3D printed insoles based on the new technology.

"I received the insoles, and they completely changed my life! They alter the pressure points, distributing them primarily under my arches. This relieves the pressure on my heels and toes in a way that I didn’t think was possible, she says with a smile. If this type of technology had been available twenty years ago, I would have invested in these insoles then! The best part is that I can insert them in different kinds of shoes, depending on my activity, whether I’m running or cross-country skiing. It’s fantastic," she says, shining.  

Preventing injury is essential
Ragnhild has been general manager at Rena Sports Stadium for 15 years. Not only has she enjoyed her own active life, but she also trains others. 

"It’s hard to see young people struggling with problems that could easily be fixed with this type of insole, she says.  – It may not be that painful now, but it can quickly bring an active life to a halt later on, and foot problems will also affect other parts of the body.

You try your best to find both shoes and insoles that fit as well as possible. I’ve done this myself over the years. But assembly line shoes may not be the best choice when you have this type of problem. You need shoes that are custom fitted for your level of activity and lifestyle, right? In any case, I’m thrilled with these insoles and recommend them wholeheartedly. More people should give them a try."

The plantar fascia is a thick ligament that runs across the bottom of the foot, connecting the heel bone to the toes. The cushion of fatty tissue on the heel bone, above this ligament, reduces the pressure on the heel when you walk. Many people develop problems with the heel cushion if the pressure on the foot is incorrectly distributed.   

Most arches can be classified into three main categories: Neutral, flat and high. Depending on lifestyle and the amount of pressure, most feet will naturally develop and fall into one of these categories. High arches usually involve extra pressure on the heels and toes.

Want to learn more about these insoles? Contact OnFeet for a chat – and maybe even a brand new, active life!  

Ragnhild Bolstad, 'Birken' Legend

Ragnhild's heel before she started wearing Phits Insoles