Phits Insoles: mass customization through 3D printing enters the O&P market, a breakthrough for custom orthotics.

RS Print, the manufacturer of Phits Insoles, the 3D printed custom orthotics, is expanding fast. In their home country Belgium, Thuiszorgwinkel, a health care provider with 65 stores and over 500 employees, embraces the new technology for the production of their custom orthotics. Similar projects in Germany and the UK are ready to be implemented.   



Karine Lippens, Division Manager Brand and Retail Marketing at Thuiszorgwinkel: “At Thuiszorgwinkel, we focus on service and customer experience. Phits Insoles are the perfect example of this approach: an evidence based and interactive analysis protocol whit a very clear visualization. You really understand what the expert sees and tells you. People get a very accurate view of their gait, combined with a risk analysis. Our trained experts can dig into the root causes of complaints and design a solution in the form of custom orthotics.”


Combined expertise

Materialise (3D printing) and rs scan (gait analysis), RS Print’s mother companies, both exist for over 25 years. Phits Insoles are the accumulation of their continuous R&D, advanced manufacturing methods, product innovation and user friendly software design. But not only the 3D printing or the scientific based analysis and design are crucial. Reliable service and advanced expert training and support are evenly important.

Karine Lippens: “We’re constantly looking for innovative products and services that offer true added value. RS Print convinced  us during the pilot project we carried out together: the analysis and design tools and of course the 3D printed orthotics themselves are highly appreciated. Another vital aspect is training: together, we designed both a technical and a commercial training program for the experts and the referral staff in the stores.”  


International expansion

This week, Phits will be present at OT World (Leipzig, Germany) one of the largest Orthotics & Prosthetic trade shows worldwide. Presenting the collaboration with Thuiszorgwinkel at OT World is special for Phits. Dennis Vandenbussche, CEO at RS Print: “OT World is where it all started for us. At the previous edition, in 2014, we officially presented our orthotics for the first time. We’re proud to be here again. Since then, we invested a lot in product and software development but also in customer service and support. We evolved to a mature company with 8 FTE’s and more than 50 Phits experts in 15 different countries. The Thuiszorgwinkel project really proofs that we are ready to serve large scale orthopedic companies. We’re able to initiate similar projects based on mutual trust, expertise and innovations.”