Phits at the Rio Olympics

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio have come to an end. Sports have always been an innovation lab and nowadays it's all about 3D printing - which is the first technology to enable mass customization (see for example what Materialise did for the Adidas Futurecraft). Several brands used the Olympic stage to come up with some great new personalized 3D printed gear.

We didn't create a lot of buzz about it, but Phits also found its way into the Olympics: 12 athletes using Phits appeared in Rio. They came from 10 different countries and participated in the marathon, the high jump, basketball, road cycling, badminton and tennis. The diversity of these sports proves that Phits is able to support any type of activity for any type of shoes.

As opposed to the 3D printed solutions of major sports brands, Phits is already available on a larger scale and at a reasonable cost - evidence based and with the input of a well trained expert.