Why choose a pair of 3D printed Phits orthotics?

3 good reasons to get a pair of Phits

Foot related problems throw our whole body off balance. Around 80% of people will face foot related problems at some point in life.

A pair of Phits can help you to relieve or prevent these problems.


  1. 3d print orthotics to serve your unique dynamics

    The digital footscan gait analysis provides your Phits Expert with objective data about your personal dynamics. Evidence based algorithms then translate these data to help your Phits Expert with the design your orthotics. 
  2. Extremely accurate 

    State of the art 3D printing enables intrinsic functional design, adapting the flexibility and stiffness throughout the ortotics to match your dynamics.
  3. Comfortable and supportive, light and durable

    Streamlined ultra lightweight structure for strong, stable and thin foot orthotics. The streamlined nature of the orthotic types allows accommodation in nearly any style of shoe.

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