Why you should train your feet every day

Why you should train your feet every day

Your feet are your base. The position and power of your feet are very important for the upward-forces of your body. If your feet are not in "good shape", this immediately affects your ankles, knees, back, spine, neck, and head position. The further away from the feet - so the higher up in your body - the greater the "wrong forces" can become as a result of the position and function of your feet. Headache complaints, for example, can be traced to a wrong position of the feet. It’s something you don't initially think of if you have a daily headache.

Such a process of complaints caused by poor condition of the feet often just sneaks in. Slowly you get more and more complaints. Your body tries to absorb the wrong forces and starts to compensate. Go back to the base from which your body must be able to move vigorously, all the way down.  Your feet.

A simple example: do your toes stand up and "cheer" all day long?  In this case there might be more weight on your heels than on your toes / forefoot. This could result in your body tilting slightly backwards. Eventually, you unnoticeably tighten your buttocks, put more pressure on your lower back and depending on the compensation mechanisms of your body, your head is slightly more forward - as if you are staring intently at your screen.

Training your feet helps your feet to improve, regain or retain their functions. But it also provides a better attitude!

A healthy foot is strong and flexible. Unfortunately, about 80% of us get foot complaints somewhere, sometime. Often we only start thinking about our shoes and whether we should look for better ones. Strangely, training the feet does not occur to us quickly. The foot is a complex set of 26 bones and 33 joints that are located in a web of around 120 muscles, ligaments and nerves! All the bones in both feet together form a quarter of all the bones in your body!

Our feet have the following important anatomical tasks:

  • Carrying your body weight
  • Working as a shock absorber
  • Ensure our balance
  • Take care of our earthing
  • Working as a lever to move forward as we walk
  • Ensure stability by adapting to all surfaces
  • Due to the mobility, the foot also has a pumping function to pump body fluids into the heart
  • They ensure a good posture if they are healthy and well-trained. The position of ankles, knees, pelvis and back improve when the feet are trained.

So, what other arguments do you need to treat for your feet better and give them a good training every day…